Marijuana Brownies: Effects and Doses

Marijuana Brownies: Effects and Doses

Marijuana Brownies are probably the easiest, sweetest, and most delicious way of consuming marijuana. Here is the Beginner’s Guide to Concentrates for you, so get ready to become a professional chef in cooking brownies.

Effects of marijuana brownies

Unlike a marijuana joint, weed brownies need some time to start affecting your body. Usually, brownie consumers wait for one or two hours to feel the high, but it is worth it! The effect lasts up to eight hours! Before making weed brownies, you should know that there are two factors on which the potency of your goodies depends: the strain you use and the level of THC in the bud. If you use sativa strains for making brownies, the effect will be more energizing than of the indica strains, which will cause the feeling of serenity and calmness. The higher effect you desire, the higher level of THC your brownies should contain.

Cannabutter is your main ingredient

If you just take marijuana buds and throw them in the butter you will use for brownies, that is not going to work, at least because our bodies cannot process that form of weed with food. Besides, it will not get you as high as you want. And can you imagine brownies with grass inside them? It is awful! The essential ingredient of weed brownies is cannabutter or cannabis oil.  

What dose is right?

You have probably heard dozens of horror stories about edibles experiences. To avoid the disaster, we recommend you to find out the correct dosage when making cannabutter for your marijuana brownies. For calculating of the potency of buds, you have to know the amount of THC in the buds, the quantity of cannabutter in the recipe, and the number of portions you are planning to make. Take a deep breath. No one is going to make you solve difficult mathematical equations as there is a special THC/CBD calculator to help you. With its help, you will find out how many milligrams of THC your buds contain in just a few seconds.

Well, here are the essentials you should know. Now it is up to you to find the recipe that suits your preferences the most.

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