Marijuana Basics: Strains, Ways of Rolling, and Risks

Marijuana Basics: Strains, Ways of Rolling, and Risks

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around the legalization of marijuana consumption for medical and recreational purposes. Some people say it is harmful, like any drug, others claim it is great for pain relief in case of serious illnesses and for daily use to prevent anxiety and insomnia. The effect marijuana has on your body and mind also depends on the strain of the plant, its concentration, your way of consumption, and many other factors. You have to learn some basics before you start in order not to harm yourself and get the maximum benefit.

First of all, what is the difference between a blunt and a joint? You have probably heard these names before, but still have no idea what they mean. These two are the names of the ways to roll marijuana. The third most popular marijuana cigarette is called a spliff. Joints and blunts both contain pure cannabis, whereas in spliffs it is mixed with tobacco half-and-half. The visual difference between them lies in the paper that is used. Blunts are rolled in tobacco paper (dark brown color, heavy weight), whereas joints are rolled in light, translucent paper.

This difference results in the various effects of weed. Blunts are considered to have the heaviest impact on your body due to the interaction between weed and tobacco paper. Joints are reported to have a lighter, more relaxing effect. However, this also depends on the marijuana strain you use. For a tonic effect, in some way similar to that of coffee, use the sativa strain. This plant is distinguished by a long stem and loosely placed leaves. In case you need a relaxing and stress releasing effect, choose indica. This plant is way smaller, with densely placed leaves. It is even appropriate for growing as a houseplant (in case it is legal where you live, of course).

Bear in mind that thoughtless consumption may have various side effects and lead to health problems, which include pulmonary diseases, lungs cancer, paranoia, and mental disorders. But if you consume responsibly, these problems are unlikely to occur.

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