Marijuana and Meditation: Way to the full relaxation

Marijuana and Meditation: Way to the full relaxation

Meditation is a well known practice of mind and relaxation; it’s been a part of mankind history for ages. In the modern world many of us think that meditation is for those who used to eat broccoli and to drink an expensive coffee. Many professionals says that it is good not only for your mind but for your body and soul as well. Keep practice meditation regularly and you will feel much better and will be less stressed, and, as history shows us that it’s better to combine it with marijuana.

Independently, marijuana and meditation have almost the same effects, but together meditation becomes deeper because of the effects of marijuana. South Asia Buddhists and some other religious groups were consuming marihuana before their meditation trainings. They say that marijuana helped to rich the state of total relaxation.


Each person reacts on cannabis differently, and this depends on the effect of meditation. If you are an active person, the use of marijuana will promote the development of creative ideas or the state of euphoria which is not quite suitable for meditation. However, marijuana can solve even this problem. Special indica marijuana strains work as a sedative and promotes relaxation, and increase the concentration. It’s recommended to smoke cannabis when you in the same position that you meditate in, so you can slowly slip into meditation. Try any methods of cannabis consuming, just be sure it helps you to relax and fell comfortable.


Concentration on your breathing—probably the most difficult thing if you are just beginning your meditation trainings, as you’ll see how it’s hard to stay focused when thoughts in your head become active with every second. To stop distractions, think about each inhale and exhale (try to say “inhale” and “exhale” mentally when they occur). If it’s impossible to do at first, don’t worry about it. Chade-Meng Tan one of the Google’s engineers wrote a book named “Search Inside Yourself,” he says that meditation helps to create a positive thinking that forms a positive habits. So just continue to inhale and exhale and try to concentrate on that process for some period of time.

Every day meditating gives the best results, especially if you have a goal in your mind and you are focused on it. So keep practicing and soon you’ll see the positive results of your meditation.

Marijuana has been used in different cultures and religions for centuries, as an adjunct for the meditation and yoga. Cannabis plays an important role in Buddhism. And speaking about Rastafari movement they have also consumed marijuana to meditate and worship. They have stated that cannabis helps to understand God and universe, and that marijuana connect mind and space.

Well, it’s time to combine pleasant with useful and make a couple of deep breaths.

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