Make It Yourself: Easy Homemade Pipe Recipe

Make It Yourself: Easy Homemade Pipe Recipe

At least once in a lifetime, every weed smoker has experienced the situation when they have some time to chill out and some marijuana for a nice relaxation, but no smoking appliance to make it possible. In this case, smokers are advised to look into making an easy homemade pipe by themselves. It is very easy to make, much easier than you may think. So, let us get started and tell you all the information you need to avoid this problem in future.

Fruit Pipe

It might sound quite surprising, but you can use a fruit to make a weed pipe. First of all, this should be a hard and fresh fruit—take an unripe apple, persimmon, or zucchini. The choice is totally up to you. Make sure there are no rotten spots. Make a hole in the shape of a bowl on the top of the fruit you have chosen: it will be a place where the weed is located. To make your carving easier, take a paring knife. Then take a kitchen skewer and make a tiny hole that should pass from the fruit’s side to the center of it. Use a skewer again to connect the bowl that you have already made on the top of your fruit with a newly-made side tunnel. Check it with blowing through the slot: if the air flows without any barriers, then you have done everything properly, and you are on the right way to your smoking fruit pipe. Find aluminum foil and cover the surface of the bowl to keep the pot dry, but do not forget to make several holes, so that the smoke can pass through without obstacles. Finally, put your weed on top of the fruit and light it using a lighter or a match. Inhale the smoke through the hole made in the side of the fruit.

Book Pipe

The first step you need to take includes finding a book with paper as thin as it is only possible. As for the choice of the book, try to pick the one that you no longer need or want to re-read. Then select a page with the least amount of ink on it and tear it out from the book. We pick the page with the least amount of ink to minimize the harm to your health from smoking ink chemicals. When you have the page, fold it into a rectangle 1,5 inches wide and 2 inches long. Next, fold the rectangle in half, leaving a crease in the center to make the weed stay in a “V” shape.

When it is all done, put a small amount of pot accurately in the middle of the paper. In order to make a cigarette, roll the paper with the help of your thumbs and an index finger. If you do not have glue or do not want to use it, substitute it with your saliva. Done! Now you can light the book pipe and breath in gently to make the weed burn slowly.

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