Main principles why alcohol companies don’t want cannabis legalization

Main principles why alcohol companies don’t want cannabis legalization

Marijuana prohibition is based on three columns such as pharmaceutical industry, private prisons, the alcohol and beer industry which have powerful relationships in authority and don’t want to see cannabis legalization in their country.

It’s not a secret that alcohol industry has suffered because of the prohibition during its history. A few years ago California Beer and Beverage Distributors sponsored a political action committee (PAC) with $10,000 because it was fighting the Prop 19, which would have led to legalization of marijuana in U.S. in 2010 if passed. But now, when marijuana is legal in a number of states, these companies are afraid that cannabis can become a worthy competitor for alcohol, as a result that will lead to decrease in sales.

So let’s look at these three reasons that stand in the way to cannabis legalization.

  1. Competition

Although alcohol and marijuana have existed beside each other for a long time, there’s an opinion that with the legalization of cannabis sales of an alcohol will drop considerably. Prohibition of cannabis has kept many people from consuming it, although alcohol beverages are more harmful than cannabis.

If you remove all the obstacles and prejudices, then you’ll see that people will make a choice to consume weed rather than drink alcohol and that is a great problem for alcohol industry.

  1. Flexible Structure

Alcohol industry guided by many rules and regulations that can play badly against them and legalization of cannabis can pave the way to a next level with the innovative structure that can take principles and improvements from alcohol industry.

The reason why above mentioned companies wanted the Prop 19 to fail was the distrust of the fact that cannabis can have good regulatory framework. I must agree it is impossible to have an organized structure when product is illegal. The best structure that can be borrowed is the structure of alcohol industry. The only reasonable fact that California Beer put forward is the differences between state and federal regulations that can create difficulties and confusion.

legalize marijuana

  1. Safety

Due to the last scientific researches that affirm alcohol beverages to be more than in 100 times harmful than marijuana. In addition to this an important fact that alcohol kills more than 37,000 of American citizens every year. No matter how person consume marijuana negative effects are minimal when in comparison to alcohol that leads to liver cirrhosis.

May be it is too early to summarize the sales of marijuana and the percentage of decreasing income of the alcohol industry, but we hope that marijuana exploration will lead to a global recognition and support.

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