Legalization of Cannabis: States That Want to Make It Happen

Legalization of Cannabis: States That Want to Make It Happen

This year promises to bring significant changes to the global process of weed legalization. Currently, there are more than fifty official initiatives around the USA that are aimed at decriminalization, which means weakening the severity of the active law system, or even total legalization of pot—permission to smoke medical or recreational cannabis freely, without paying fines.

Oregon, Alaska, Washington, and Colorado make up the list of states that have already accomplished this—they have medical weed legalized for all adults residing on the territory of the state. Twenty more states—California, Michigan, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Arizona, Montana, Maine, Illinois, Hawaii, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, New Mexico, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Minnesota—have legalized marijuana for using it with the aim of improving one’s health condition, regardless of the age of the patient.

This year can become a gift to everyone fond of weed smoking: the list of pot-friendly states is going to expand due to some new developments. North Carolina, Louisiana, Missouri, South Dakota, South Carolina, and Tennessee are announced among these states.

All state structures are sure of the fact that marijuana reforms on decriminalizing and legalizing weed are ethically and financially advantageous. Obama shared his thought that the move toward making pot legal would be a helpful operation for the U.S. economic situation. Legalization of marijuana can save a lot of money because nowadays every black market can offer to buy the plant, and the country does not get any benefit from each purchase, which will definitely be changed after the law reformation. Hillary Clinton proposed to classify pot as a safe drug and voiced her impatience to accelerate the process of decriminalization, changing weed’s status from Schedule I drug to Schedule II drug, which will heavily impact federal cannabis laws. Its current group defines pot as something that does not have an accepted medical use. Every politician seems to understand that further prohibition does not make sense—they see the potential U.S. money trickling through the government’s fingers; they realize that it will be much more profitable to take advantage of marijuana legalization.

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