Legalization of Cannabis Debate: Does the UK Need It?

Legalization of Cannabis Debate: Does the UK Need It?

The Great Britain may be a few years ahead of the United States of America when it comes to their stance on gun control or the availability of health care, however when it comes to cannabis, they are dramatically stuck in the past. To be fair, the British penalties for possession and distribution of cannabis are less ridiculous than they are in some parts of the United States that have to meet modernity yet.

Marijuana is illegal in any form in the United Kingdom though it responsible for 60% of drug violations. It is worth to mention, a study put out by the authoritative European drugs watchdogs agency shows that marijuana use has almost halved in the last decade, but the reasons of that are still undiscovered.

According to one prominent theory, it is due to the severe consequences of getting busted with weed and the increased strength of cannabis, both these factors making the British youth less eager to try it. Another explanation could be that these studies tend to base their findings on self-reported data and that data often can be biased.

The good news is that there is a growing concern in the society about the current marijuana laws. Many British people think that these laws should be clarified and reworked. For example,

David Nutt, a leading British drug expert and a professor at London’s Imperial College, published an interesting report in which he compares cannabis to other widespread drugs, including legal ones, like tobacco and alcohol.  In his studies, professor Nutt has come to a conclusion that marijuana is, in fact, significantly safer than every other drug including tobacco and alcohol.

Moreover, the government should think about the people who need medical marijuana to relieve a horrible pain they suffer. The modern way is the legalization of medical cannabis.

Professor Nutt is sure—alcohol abuse kills younger people, smoking tobacco kills older people, and only cannabis does not kill anyone. The deal is, as long as you do not get caught with marijuana, it won’t bring to you any harm. The cannabis criminalization is way more harmful than the use of marijuana. The money which the government spends on fighting against marijuana could be easily put into health care, for example. All the current cannabis laws do is create a lower class of primarily worthy people with criminal records who cannot work in armed and civil service positions or in education. And what is the result? They start doing more drugs as that is all these people can do.

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