Legal cannabis is not meant only for home consumption

Legal cannabis is not meant only for home consumption

Of course, we have some progress, now there are four states that marijuana is legal in, but not for those who want to consume it in public areas. Colorado suppresses private cannabis clubs, which made such marijuana attorneys as Brian Vicente and Mason Tvert start a new campaign with the aim to legalize marijuana bars in Denver.

Washington passed another bill according to which smoking cannabis in public areas is a felony. Seattle Hempfest was forced to withdraw from the designated venues for their annual event.

Alaska also closing that few bring-your-own-weed volunteer centers that have opened. Well, at least you cannot appear in public places with guns… Oh wait, you can! You can keep it in your pickup while driving on the public territory to the building, open to all citizens, just with the purpose to shoot targets for fun.

What about tobacco and alcohol? I must admit there are a lot of restrictions and laws against public consumption. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of public places where you can smoke cigars and cigarettes in front of the public or drink alcohol both inside and outside the bars and restaurants. So, why states that marijuana is legal in prohibit pot smoking in the special areas? I am not even saying about sex toys which you can use in special clubs for adults.

According to the NORML’s founder Keith Stroup, marijuana smokers shouldn’t fight for their right to smoke in already existing bars—they need their own bars for that. No matter how they will be called — cannabis cafes or marihuana bars, the important thing is to have public places for cannabis smoking. If government allows facilities for alcohol consumption where visitors’ consciousness is changing during the process of drinking alcohol and facilities designed for smoking cigarettes that emit a smelly smoke into the air, would not it be fair to create a place where adults can both change their consciousness and inhale smoke?

How much time must pass before the society stops turning away from us? The government in every possible way is trying to separate us from the society we live in, from the public places we want to spend time in. Let’s hope that people who are fighting for their rights will never stop.

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