Lavender Strain

Lavender Strain

Lavender Kush is a potent indica hybrid strain with lots of relaxing and sedative effects. While the name of the strain may sound sweet and absolutely innocent to you, this indica packs a punch. Lavender weed has an extremely high level of THC in its content that may exceed 27%. Like a usual lavender flower, the cannabis version of the plant has powerful calming effects. Lavender Kush has quite complex genetics. Some Seeds crossed Super Skunk, Big Korean Skunk, Afghani, and Hawaiian, and finally created the Lavender Kush strain.

Look and smell of Lavender Kush

The strain itself tends to have a really exotic look. When growing the Lavender strain indoors, expect it to produce deep purple hues and spicy, dense buds. The smell of the strain also deserves your attention as it is really unforgettable. A woody smell with a diligent sweet flower bouquet tones perfectly suits Lavender Kush. Taking into account that the strain has the dominating genetics of Skunk and Afghani, it is no wonder. Such international genetics make the plant’s smell truly unique!

Taste and effects of Lavender Kush strain

The first hit will fill your mouth with a mildly sweet aftertaste, close to the dullness of blueberry. Many marijuana enthusiasts claim that it is an excellent strain for dealing with wintertime blues. Besides, Lavender Kush is a great rainy day strain that can immediately help you relax and fall into a deep sweet sleep. Due to the amazingly high THC level in its content, Lavender has strong sedative effects that are perfectly suited for evening or nighttime consumption. Of course, you may also use it when you have some extra time to kill.

Medical use of Lavender weed strain

Many patients prefer using Lavender Kush because of the medical benefits it provides. The strain brings relief from different stress conditions, like PTSD, and also helps ease muscle spasms and severe body pain. The strain is also a great choice for patients who struggle with anorexia. This calming herb will definitely give you the munchies, so be prepared to attack your fridge after smoking it.

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