Joints vs. Blunts vs. Other Ways to Smoke Weed: Which One Is Best?

Joints vs. Blunts vs. Other Ways to Smoke Weed: Which One Is Best?

Everyone has their own preferences and taste: rolled, packed, vaped, or edible weed. Over the years, the stoner slang has become amazingly extended, and the number of ways to consume cannabis has significantly increased. It is one of those things that make marijuana use so enjoyable. Keep reading the article to find out four most efficient ways to smoke marijuana.

1. Joints

Not every marijuana enthusiast has skills to roll the perfect joint or blunt, so having a friend who is a pro is a must. Joints work perfectly for different occasions. You may use skinny pinners when taking a walk or fat doobies for organizing an awesome party. Some Europeans call a joint a spliff. Actually, a spliff is the mix of tobacco and cannabis, at least in the U.S. One of the disadvantages of rolling joints is that from the point of getting high they are a bit inefficient. The reason for that is the burning of a big amount of flowers. Some smokers like putting filters at the end of the rolled joint to make the taste purer.

2. Blunts

What is the most attractive in blunts is the sense of community you have while smoking it. Usually, they are shared with a company in a smoking circle. More than that, each member of such community knows the etiquette: puff, puff, pass. Initially, blunts were made by people who bought cheap cigars, unrolled them, threw the tobacco away, and rolled the cigar back with freshly ground cannabis. It goes to show us how much better than tobacco marijuana is if people dare to remove the main ingredient of the product to replace it.

3. Bong

Every marijuana smoker will tell you that taking bong hits is the greatest way to get high. Many people prefer taking a couple of bong rips than small puffs from a joint. Filling your whole lungs with smoke, bongs provide the smoker with a rush that can be hardly received from any other way of smoking, even the blunt.

4. Pipes

Pipes or bowls are an elegant way to smoke weed flowers. More than that, they are extremely convenient and portable, so you can easily enjoy the pipe on the go. Different shapes, colors, and designs will satisfy any marijuana smoker, even the most demanding one.

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