Joints and Blunts: Are They the Same?

Joints and Blunts: Are They the Same?

A weed joint has a variety of facets, including marijuana cigarette, blunt, cone, etc. Joints and blunts have a little difference, but if you can bust at least one of them, you may consider yourself a superman that will be able to save any party. It does not matter what you call it, it should be just weed rolled into paper, which you will light, smoke and feel relaxed.

How joints work

There is no huge difference between a cigarette and a joint: you use ground material for creating an even burn along the length of the paper. You may prefer to use either a carbon joint filter or a roach clip. If you have no idea how to roll, you can check out some videos that explain and show the rolling process, sharing useful tricks and tips. Here are the main of them:

1. Get a roller, as they are easy and consistent in use.w

2. Use carbon filters, since they act as rollers on the inside and are great for the beginners.

3. Take a dollar and have some practice with it before rolling the paper. Stay patient and keep calm, as it really pays off.


The idea of having a joint any time brings a lot of confidence, especially to the fire breathers. While smoking a joint, it is impossible not to be fully submersed in the strain’s taste, inhaling its astonishing and rich flavor. The weed  sends terpenes to your brain and has a relaxing effect on your mind and body. It is rather hard to convey all this to you through a PC, but if you have ever tried to smoke, you know what we mean.


Unfortunately, the usefulness of joints is not as big as we wish. The amount of tar that gets into our lungs when you smoke a joint is greater than with other pieces. Through joints, everything goes straightly to your lungs, creating a health risk for the majority of people. The weight of one joint is approximately one gram—the amount that is overwhelming for one smoker. If you smoke alone, the best way is to jar the joint and save it for tough times to re-roll into a new one. Or you may pack it into your bong or bowl, or just give it as a gift to a friend.

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