Joint or Blunt: It is All Up to You

Joint or Blunt: It is All Up to You

If you are new to smoking marijuana, you will probably wonder about the meaning of two most widespread rolls terms — “joint” and “blunt”. In general, you could say that they are very alike, and, yet, they are not the same. Comparing them is like comparing simple cigarettes with cigars.

The essential difference between joints and blunts is the paper used in their making. While the rolling material for joints is white and translucent, usually rice or hemp paper, the blunts’ material is a rather thick brown tobacco paper that has a more intense taste.

The filling of both rolls is different as well. Joints are filled with pure cannabis. Blunts are a mixture of tobacco and weed.


There is also a popular belief that blunts make you higher than joints. Despite many arguments in favor of the theory, there is no evident difference between blunts and joints effects on your “high” state. The reason for this common belief is the admixture of tobacco in the blunts. Nicotine influences your organism alongside marijuana, and you feel the buzz from them working together. Yet, the effect of cannabis remains the same.

Some studies were conducted on the matter, but the scientists did not come to a consensus of opinions. According to them, the short-term use of tobacco makes cannabinoids receptors more sensitive, while, the longer you consume tobacco, the more desensitized they become.

Consider one more thing when you choose between joints and blunts—you will have to put about twice as much weed into the latter than into smaller joints.

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