Joint, Blunt, Spliff: What is the Difference?

Joint, Blunt, Spliff: What is the Difference?

A joint may look like a cigarette but it is filled with marijuana.


Joints are made of white, almost translucent paper. The choice of the right kind of paper is one the most important factors when making a roll. The specific kind of paper can determine the flavor and the speed of burning; all types of paper have different properties. In general, rice and hemp papers are the best (or, at least, the most popular) options.

The flavor is very important for joints as the paper does not taste like tobacco. Various companies create their unique flavors. Some people prefer to experiment with the combinations of paper and cannabis aromas; some remain loyal to the specific producer. In case you do not want any flavor at all, there is clear cellulose paper available.

Joint paper can also be of different quality. The best specimens do not tear easily, are easy to seal, and burn evenly. If the quality of the paper is very poor, your joint will simply “run,” meaning that it will burn only on one side.

Joints are filled only with cannabis. Another notable difference between the three kinds is the experience that they provide. In this aspect, joints are the golden mean.

In a way, a joint is similar to a cigarette.

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