Joint, Blunt, Spliff: What is the Difference?

Joint, Blunt, Spliff: What is the Difference?

There are many methods of cannabis consumption. Despite the recent emergence of vaporization, the most common way to smoke marijuana is still making a cannabis roll. Rolls are the most accessible and the easiest way to start your cannabis experience. Besides, carrying a pack of rolling paper is not illegal, unlike carrying a bong.

Many experienced consumers prefer making a joint, a spliff, or a blunt. But, do you know what is the actual difference between the three?

In fact, they all are types of rolls, but there are some major differences in the way they are made. Many people tend to be confused by these terms. Generally, a roll falls into one of these three categories depending on its contents and the type of paper it is made of.

Every language and generation have its slang words for cannabis and its preferred means of marijuana consumption. So, it is an impossible task to describe all the variations in one article. What is called a spliff now could have easily been a joint some 30 or 40 years ago.

There are different names for the plant and its derivatives as well. If you want to get a handle on the use of such terms as “ganja,” “cannabis,” and “marijuana,” read this article.

The most common interpretations of joints, blunts, and spliffs are the following.


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