Jack Herer Strain Review

Jack Herer Strain Review

Jack Herer strain is an amazing crossing of Haze, Northern Light, and Shiva Skunk. Known all over the world, the strain can be characterized as the source of blissfulness, clearance, and creativity. The level of THC in the strain’s content reaches 18-23% together with a 0,03-0,2% level of CBD. As you can guess, the plant is named after Jack Herer, who would probably not want to be associated with a strain with such THC/CBD proportions. Let us tell you why.

Who is Jack Herer and what position did he have in the society?

Herer is known for being an outspoken activist for marijuana legalization. Besides, his book The Emperor Wears No Clothes has become a bestseller with 600,000 copies sold. In the book, hemp is considered an alternative raw material for paper and textile production. Besides, Herer stresses that marijuana can be an innovative and effective treatment for different chronic diseases. As an example, Herer claims that his mother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, but after using cannabis for six weeks, she had completely cured herself. Until his death, Jack Herer believed in medical applications of marijuana, especially against Alzheimer’s. However, at that time, many people called him crazy.

Scientific evidence of medical marijuana use

In 2015, scientists have decided to check the widespread rumor about the possibility of using marijuana as part of treatment for many diseases. A study on mice was conducted, and Jack’s beliefs received some scientific ground. The scientists found out that THC and CBD helped break down some of the biochemical processes that comprise Alzheimer’s disease. Besides, the experiment has allowed the scientists to see that these two cannabinoids strengthen each other’s medical effects.

Tendency towards high-THC weed growth

In the 70’s, there was a tendency to grow cannabis plants with a high level of THC, which meant a low content of CBD. And this fact is disappointing as we know that to receive a proper medical effect from weed, we need to use these two cannabinoids in combination. When growers were crosscultivating the Jack Herer cannabis strain, they knew nothing about the effects of CBD. As Jeck Herer believed in the medical effects of marijuana with all his heart, the minimal presence of CBD in the strain does not seem right.

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