It Is Cleaning Time: How to Make Your Bong Shiny

It Is Cleaning Time: How to Make Your Bong Shiny

A bong is probably the most convenient appliance to smoke pot. It is very easy in use but not so easy to clean. After every crazy party, washing the bong becomes a real challenge. To avoid this unpleasant process, many cannabis consumers prefer using a homemade weed pipe. But to be honest, nothing can be compared with the relaxing inhalation through a bong, you can even make your own homemade bong easily. You can get an amazing experience by experimenting with water temperature or even choosing other liquids to pour into the bong. So, to keep your smoking tool intact and clean it easily, learn these five simple hacks.

1. Create your dream team of household chemicals

When you look at your dirty bong, what strikes your eyes first? Of course, a thick layer of resin. To remove it, you will need a bottle of rubbing alcohol to dissolve the resin and a packet of salt to polish the surface. To clean everything without damage to your skin, find a pair of protecting gloves. And do not forget about a piece of wax paper and a tight elastic rubber band to cover the bong. The stem can be plugged with simple cotton balls. Why do we need to close all outlets and inlets? Read the second step!

2. Shake it up!

After all the preparations, put on your gloves and begin the cleaning. First of all, put some salt on the bong’s bottom and add alcohol (the amount of ingredients depends on the size of your bong). Your second step will be to cover the main chimney with wax paper and fix it with elastic bands. Then start shaking the bong as hard as you can. The friction will remove the resin and all the gross remains.

3. Flush away and do it once again

After the first effort to clean your bong with a salt scrub, open the chimney and pour the slops out into the toilet, for instance. If the bong is still dirty, repeat step #2.

4. Devil in details

Many pot newcomers forget to clean the stem, and this important detail becomes obstructed. Use a couple of Q-tips (tiny sticks with cotton on the tips) and rub it with alcohol to remove all resin from the stem. By the way, this is also a great way to clean little homemade pipes.

5. Rinse again and again

Of course, you do not want to enjoy the smell or even taste of alcohol during smoking. Rinse the bong carefully five or six times to make it crystal clean, then dry it. Your bong will look brand new after all these cleaning tricks.

There is nothing worse than smoking through a bong full of residue,  is it not? So, do not be lazy to take care of it after two or three smoking sessions.

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