Is Smoking Weed Bad for You?

Is Smoking Weed Bad for You?

The majority of young people speak in favor of weed legalization. Who would even doubt it for a second? The reason for such point of view is based on two myths connected with the long-term use of marijuana: 1) it is healthier and cooler than smoking cigarettes, and 2) smoking weed does not cause any health implications. It goes without saying that some scientists completely agree with both prejudices, but there are also those with an opposite standpoint. Moreover, there are studies that break some of the myths and do not let the misinformation spread. So let us see why weed is bad for us.

Impact on memory

We imagine marijuana users as forgetful and dull-minded, right? It seems to be a myth, but it is true. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main component of weed, affects our brain and dulls the functioning of hippocampus—the part of the brain responsible for memory. Some studies have indicated that marijuana has influence on visual attention and sometimes causes aggressive behavior.


You have definitely heard the anecdote about weed munchies. Well, this myth is also true. The process of smoking weed activates the cannabinoid receptor (CB1R) in our brain that stimulates hunger. The study shows that CB1R stimulates olfactory senses, increasing the ability of smell detection that, in turn, has an effect on our eating behavior. So, it means that marijuana makes you hungry through the increase in sensitivity.

Effect on lungs

Marijuana is always associated with such a problem as a deleterious effect on lungs and airways. The study of 1987 compared the effect of marijuana and tobacco on the respiratory system and found no difference in the appearance of chronic cough and wheeze. However, the scientists noticed that cannabis causes a steady worsening of the airway resistance, while the use of tobacco affects the capacity of oxygen diffusion.


If you think you can die from smoking weed, you have nothing to worry about, it is a myth. But remember that marijuana has a negative effect on your memory, lungs, airways, decision-making, and makes you eat for two.

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