Is Smoking Weed a Sin?

Is Smoking Weed a Sin?

Every day, weed becomes more and more popular. However, some people still strongly oppose cannabis, and evangelical Christians are among them.  They believe that weed is the worst thing ever created, and by default, people who use it are just as bad. But in fact, if we start to think about weed, we will understand that there is much more to it than appears at first. And besides, it is a known fact that there may be a mentioning of weed in the Bible. To define smoking weed as a sin, we have to consider all sides. The public is changing its attitude towards weed to a more positive outlook, and according to the survey, 58% of respondents support marijuana legalization. Almost half confess they have tried weed, and 77% have a card for medical marijuana use.

Legal riddle of weed

The legal territory occupied by weed is rather confusing, at least because the federal government perceives anything that has to do with weed as a federal offense, while in 23 states of America, weed is legalized as a treatment, and in four states, both medical and recreational marijuana are legalized. The situation in the states where weed is still illegal is very unstable, and people who want or need to consume marijuana worry about getting into trouble at work, at home, or, what is worst of all, with God.

Sin or redemption

Imagine that your close relative or friend suffers from chronic pain and is bedridden, or maybe they have to regain appetite after a number of chemotherapy sessions not to die from starvation, or they are plagued with unbearable seizures. If we know someone with such health problems, as well as nausea, insomnia, muscle spasms, and others, the benefits of medical marijuana become less theoretical and more practical. You think that a magical patient’s recovery after a course of marijuana treatment is nothing but another weed myth? Well, it is your right. But if you look closer at the components of weed, you will find cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive chemical, which shows a potential ability to treat the health issues mentioned above.

Everyone has an opinion they are sure about, but do not let your emotions alienate you from the truth.

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