Is medical marijuana equal to other prescribtion drugs?

Is medical marijuana equal to other prescribtion drugs?

Since medical cannabis becomes more and more attractive as an alternative treatment, medical marijuana users are forced to deal with some new issues. And the possible consequences of using weed at work are one of the most common problems for these people.

Medical marijuana as an obstacle get a job

Such kind of treatment may be a serious obstacle to finding a new job for the unemployed medical cannabis users. The employers want to keep the workplace safe. But this can be difficult for some cannabis users who perform duties with a high level of safety risks. On the other hand, some experts say that patients who use medical weed have the exact same rights that those who use other prescription drugs.

In Canada, this issue became even more obvious. There already are some precedents when workers sue their employers for not letting them use prescribed marijuana at work. One of these cases ended up at the Human Rights Tribunal of British Columbia. John French, a worker from British Columbia, have sued his employer Selkin Logging LTD for refusing to allow him to use medical weed at work.

French tried to assure the court that he was using cannabis for medical purposes per his doctor’s recommendation. Meanwhile, it appeared that French was not authorized by Health Canada as a legal marijuana possessor. In the end, the Tribunal ruled that French’s rights were not violated by his employer.

Moreover, despite the company’s “zero tolerance” policy on cannabis use, Selkin Logging denied that they have forbidden to use medical weed because of the type of the drug. The company says it was only concerned about the safety of the worker and other employees.

Natalie MacDonald, the co-founder and an employment lawyer of Rudner MacDonald LTD says that such cases should be considered “on a case-by-case basis.” In case with French and Selkin Logging, the result might have been opposite if French had the appropriate medical documents and the official permission to use and possess medical weed.

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