Is Marijuana Hallucinogenic and Can It Cause Anxiety?

Is Marijuana Hallucinogenic and Can It Cause Anxiety?

Marijuana has dozens of street names, like pot, weed, dope, etc. But whatever you call it, weed is a popular recreational drug nowadays. Being used through many centuries, cannabis has created a long history. Some people claim marijuana is the gateway to harder and harmful drugs, others believe marijuana is an alternative treatment for the diseases the modern medicine cannot manage. But what we are interested in is whether marijuana may cause hallucinations and anxiety.

Does marijuana have hallucinogenic effects on humans?

The answer is yes. However, the researchers believe that its effects are smaller that those provided by PCP and LSD. The problem is that marijuana has an unexpected effect on every pot smoker. But the fact is that marijuana can distort the cognitive, emotional, and sensory perceptions in both positive and negative ways. Weed acts in the same manner as other hallucinogenic drugs—it over-stimulates the neurotransmitters’ release and disrupts nerve cells.

Does marijuana cause anxiety?

You might be surprised to hear that the relationship between weed and anxiety is amazingly tight. On one hand, marijuana is a great painkiller and stress-reliever. It is a drug that people have started to use because of the ineffectiveness of the traditional treatments. On the other hand, studies have shown a complex link between marijuana and anxiety. Scientists believe that people who suffer from anxiety can worsen the situation by consuming marijuana. More than that, the effects depend on the type of anxiety the patient has. If you do know which type you belong to, you may pass a special online test. If you have no idea about the specifics of your anxiety, find out from the test which type of it you may be affected by.

Marijuana and different types of anxiety

Another truth about marijuana use is that it causes different reactions in different individuals. One pot smoker might feel relaxed, while another may experience frightening hallucinations. Dosing marijuana is the key to safe consumption without anxiety or hallucinations.

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