Is Marijuana Environmentally Unfriendly?

Is Marijuana Environmentally Unfriendly?

The huge U.S. weed market appears to be not as green as you might think. It is one of the nation’s most power-consuming industries, with round-the-clock demands of thousands of warehouses with indoor growing sites that are overloading the aging power lines and directing the hard-earned gains towards energy efficiency.

As there are still no design standards or energy efficient equipment, the warehouses located in the 23 states with legal cannabis use produce the same amount of greenhouse-gas emissions as any home, car, or business. While numerous legal acts regulate almost everything about weed, from tracking private plants to advertising, there is a lack of requirements to decrease electrical over-consumption.

Some cannabis growing operations have already blown out transformers, leaving the residents of Oregon without electricity. In order to avoid connection to the grid, other weed manufacturers rely on diesel generators leading to environmental pollution. Moreover, the energy demand can increase in 2017 if the drug is legalized for recreational use in other states, such as Nevada and California.


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