Is marijuana a good muscular disorders treatment?

Is marijuana a good muscular disorders treatment?

We have already told you about the possibility of using cannabis oil to reduce seizures caused by epilepsy. But there are even more options to use medical marijuana as a treatment of neurological disorders, muscular diseases and disorders or as a painkiller.

Can cannabis treat neurological diseases?

Epilepsy is one of a few diseases that can be treated using the cannabis products. In case with little Charlotte Figi, her parents used the cannabis oil with a high content of CBD―a non-psychoactive substance that is proven to be a very strong anticonvulsant.

Along with the epileptic diseases, marijuana may be used for patients with other neurological illnesses, including Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis. According to a number of separate studies, substances in the cannabis plant can renew the link between damaged cells and force brain to work correctly. So, along with reducing symptom severity, cannabis can actually treat a neurological disease.

How can cannabis relief you from muscle pain?

Most adults are familiar with the problem of muscular spasms. Although cannabis cannot be used as an ultimate muscle spasms treatment for all kinds of spasms, it can reduce pain and help your muscles to relax.

What kind of cannabis should be used to make your spasms less painful? It depends on the cause of the spasms. When it comes to brain-related diseases and neurological problems, it will be better to use marijuana oil or simply to smoke cannabis. If the main cause of the spasm is inflammation or muscle tension, cannabis topical (various creams, salves and balms infused with marijuana) may be a better option.

When your muscles are cramping, try to apply a little of cannabis cream on the most painful spot on your body. It may help to reduce pain and to relax tensed muscles. For better result, try to reapply the cream after 30 minutes. But remember, in these cases cannabis fights against symptoms instead of addressing the basic cause of the illness. To make your health better visit your doctor to get individual recommendations.

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