Is Less Better? What Is Micro-Dosing

Is Less Better? What Is Micro-Dosing

Since there is so much talk about consuming medical marijuana we think it is a proper time to discuss the dosing. It could be really confusing, and most of the newcomers simply have no idea where to start. More than this, even some experienced marijuana consumers tend to take much more cannabis that their body requires. But like with any medical treatment, it is very important to know what dose is good for the person and what amount can cause a cannabis overdose.

It is indeed not so easy to find any information about the correct marijuana dosing. How should anyone know what is enough if there are so many different strains in which, for example, the CBD percentage can vary from more than 90 percent to less than one? And what about THC tolerance?

This problem is especially important to those who have to consume medical marijuana daily; what if the dosing is wrong, and a person is actually overdosing every time? And if a smaller dosage is enough, maybe the effect would be even better. Moreover, it can help save more money.


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