Is It Safe to Smoke Quarter of Ounce of Weed Per Month?

Is It Safe to Smoke Quarter of Ounce of Weed Per Month?

Before taking a hit, every marijuana user should know the exact dose they can consume without damaging their health. The reason is that the deadliness of cannabis mixtures depends on the doses. The key is to determine the amount of marijuana that is intoxicating but will not cause death. Cannabis impacts different parts of the body, and its compound effect may cause severe consequences after years of intense use. That is why all marijuana enthusiasts should know the right doses of weed they can use and stay safe. This is not the place to be overconfident: a joint that is too strong for you may cause instant death.

Exact doses

Scientists have found out that the intoxicated effect on people directly depends on their tolerance. If people consume more cannabis than they can manage, then the negative effects of weed will not take long to appear. So let us talk about whether it is safe to smoke an ounce of weed per month. First of all, how many grams is there in a quarter? If to be exact, a quarter of weed is equal to two eights or 7 grams of weed. For those who smoke weed a few times a week, this dosage can be OK, but for those who have never used it before, it may be an unsustainable amount. Therefore, you should know the capabilities of your body and act accordingly. Remember that weed overdose will not cause death but can increase the number of unwanted effects.

Note for beginners

If you are a newbie in the cannabis world, then the first thing you should know about consuming weed is how to do it for the first time. In order to keep calm and stay in touch with reality, you should consider the following. Cannabis and conventional drugs are not the same. The dose limit of one shot of cannabis should be 10 mg. Each experienced marijuana smoker will tell you the main rule of cannabis consumption: “Begin small and go slow.” Some people are used to taking such an amount, that is why they prefer moving on to big shots. However, the consumption of over 10 mg at a time is not good for any smoker. Usually, beginners divide 10 mg of weed into two or even three parts and go from there.

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