Is it possible to get high from the burning cannabis fields?

Is it possible to get high from the burning cannabis fields?


This year summer was very hot, in almost every corner of the United States, which led to an increase of wildfires, which are difficult to extinguish because of the drought in regions such as California. But what will happen if the fire covers thecannabis field? Will the people in the surrounding area get high from the smoke?

There was a similar precedent once in West Jakarta, when an Indonesian police force burned huge weed plants, as a result many local residents had minor headaches, but that does not mean that they got high. Did they actually feel the psychoactive effects from the THC? Live Science wanted to find the answer, and they spent some researches in this area.

Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Johns Hopkins University, Ryan Vandrey conducted research to determine whether the growing cannabis can affect nearby citizens. Vandrey in his research examined the effect of the passive smoking on non-smokers; the results were published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal.

Although THC from passive cannabis smoke can accumulate in the non-smoker’s body, as a result that person will feel lightly woozy, but that’s not enough to get that person high, unless non-smoker located in a poorly-ventilated room full of smoke. Vandrey evaluated all the conditions under which the average person can get high from passive smoking and these conditions are quite extreme and practically impossible.

A team of scientists under the direction of Ryan Vandrey conducted the research, in which 12 volunteers participated. In a small room with an air conditioner, 6 volunteers smoked joints, and the smoke dissipates quickly in the air, preventing the other half from getting high. So if a non-smoker person cannot get high in a close but well-ventilated room, the probability that a person can get high from outside cannabis field that’s caught on fire are almost impossible.

If you happen to be near a burning cannabis field, you should behave with an extreme caution, do not get too close to get high for free. You can get burns and damage your eyes and lungs from toxic burning materials.

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