Is Hemp Better Than Marijuana?

Is Hemp Better Than Marijuana?

It definitely is! Over a short period of time, hemp has gained great popularity as a “super food” and the main item in the U.S. export. Producers of care products, textile, paper, plastic, and other useful things use hemp in the manufacturing of their goods. Even in the ancient times hemp was a plant of the highest value, as it was the only source of raw material for textile — fiber. The law of 1970’s banned hemp cultivation in the USA. The law by itself does not point out the differences between hemp and marijuana [1], [2] while the science does, defining its primary health benefits.

Heart Health

Hemp seeds contain amino acid that has a positive influence on the functioning of your heart. L-arginine is a predecessor to nitric oxide in the body; it ensures a barrier-free blood flow and maintains normal blood pressure. Hemp will help you keep your arteries free of plaque. In case of insufficient nitric oxide level, the risk of coronary artery disease increases greatly. The gamma-linolenic acid, another component of hemp seeds, has an anti-inflammatory impact, which reaffirms hemp as a health improver. Besides, according to previous scientific studies, hemp seeds may reduce blood pressure, decrease the risk of blood clots, and shorten the recovery period after a heart attack.

Skin Health

Hemp seeds contain a large amount of fatty acids, like omega-6 and omega-3, that make the product useful in the treatment of such skin problems as eczema and cracked heels. Hemp seed oil may also provide relief from annoying skin illnesses and help treat atopic dermatitis.


The gel-like soluble and insoluble fiber, which is contained in hemp seeds, may treat digestive problems. Soluble fiber slows down digestion. It will make you feel full for a much longer time and help you control your weight. Insoluble fiber, in contrast, makes the food move through the digestive tract faster, adding bulk to your stool. Moreover, fibers may help you improve your blood sugar control, which is the last but not least bonus of hemp.

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