Interesting Facts About Marijuana

Interesting Facts About Marijuana

There has been a lot of buzz around marijuana lately, but from what people are saying one can mostly gather that they lack the basic and necessary knowledge about the plant. Here are a few facts about cannabis that might interest you.

1. Marijuana is made from cannabis plant. The term “cannabis” refers to any drug that is derived from it, like marijuana, hashish, and hash oil. The mixture of dried and shredded flowers of cannabis is marijuana. Resins of cannabis are used to make hashish, and the sticky, black liquid is for hash oil creation.

2. Marijuana has a variety of strains. Weed can be pure or hybrid, but all strains mostly come from two main ones — indica and sativa. Some strain types are bred to strengthen certain features of cannabis, like taste, flavor, etc. The strongest and most popular strains with the highest THC content are OG Kush and Sour Diesel — they have a huge mood-enhancing effect on the smoker.

3. Marijuana has a lot of ways to be consumed. It can be rolled into a joint with usual rolling paper, into a mix of tobacco and marijuana called a spliff, or a blunt — a cigar shell for smoking. So, the main difference between joint and blunt is the type of paper used to roll them. A more useful way of marijuana consumption is a pipe or a bong. A bong is a special type of pipe, in which smoke has to pass through water. This reduces exposure to harmful components of smoke. The last but not least is consuming cannabis in the form of edibles. Having cannabis tea is also accepted. In any case, according to the scientific research, the safest way of consuming marijuana is using a vaporizer, as it does not have to burn the plant.

4. Marijuana is prescribed for a range of medical conditions. Today, the usage of medical marijuana does not sound as something shocking. Patients that have a written permission to use medical marijuana buy it from the licensed suppliers. You can smoke, eat, drink, or vaporize it. Most commonly medical marijuana is used to soften the pain, anything from continuous headaches to spinal injury. Some doctors prescribe it to patients with appetite loss or nausea, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, anxiety, deep depression, and other conditions.

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