Inside-Out Joint With Flavored Rolling Paper: Essential Guide

Inside-Out Joint With Flavored Rolling Paper: Essential Guide

In this guide, we will show you the basics that will make you a pro in rolling specific joints. If you have ever rolled even a simple joint, then do not worry, you will manage it. Have patience and do not hurry. Try to enjoy the process.


How to roll a joint with paper? Well, first of all, you should know which strain and paper to choose. The degree of your satisfaction absolutely depends on you.

Take the paper of your most favorite flavor. We have chosen the Juicy Jay rolling paper with the taste of an apple. Put it on a flat surface so that the sticky strip faces downwards.

Fold the sticky side of the paper so that you shape a cone-like joint. The sticky strip will face upward and to the outside. Make sure that you make the right proportions and you have enough space to place weed.

Take the marijuana flowers and grind them to the semi-fine consistency. In order to avoid powder in your joint, break off the material with your hands. Do not forget to get rid of the stems, otherwise, the rolling paper will tear all the time.

Hold the paper with one hand and start filling it with weed with another one. With your finger, spread the material evenly across the rolling paper. Start rolling the paper with the ground weed up and down in your hand until you get a compact cylinder. If your start from the smaller end and will move towards the larger one, everything will be perfect.

Roll the glue side of the paper down as close as it is possible on the smaller end. The sticky strip should meet the top.

Once you have received the perfect tip, roll the joint from the small end right to the middle.

Roll the paper until the top completely covers the glue.

Lick the sticky side all the way up.

Pull the top layer of the paper back.

Before your almost finished joint is dried out, remove the extra paper and light the largest end so that the flame moves up the paper.

10. Use a poke tool to place the flower into the top part and seal it with the excess rolling paper. Done!

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