Indica vs. Sativa—Know the Difference

Indica vs. Sativa—Know the Difference

Cannabis is a plant with a wide range of properties. Knowing the difference between its strains will help you choose when and which strain you can or need to smoke.

Cannabis types

There are two main types of cannabis called Sativa and Indica. Let us take a closer look at these strains and their effects on your mind and body.

Sativa Strains

While smoking Sativa, you can notice the euphoric sensation that mists your mind. Exactly due to this feature of Sativa, people consider it the light version of smoking and the “daytime strain”. This is explained by the incredible energy that Sativa gives you. Get ready to feel more active than ever.

Sativa is not recommended for people who suffer from continuous anxiety because it may increase the feeling of stress and worry. Your brain will start working very actively, generating new ideas and trying to make you implement them. So just be careful and attentive, take it slow, especially if you are smoking pure Sativa.

In most cases, people do not have problems with it. Hhowever, if you are extremely tense and nervous, choose a hybrid or Indica for smoking.

Indica Strains

A short stubby plant that creates a “narcotic feeling” in your body is Indica. It is almost ideally suitable for relaxation and sleep. For people who suffer from insomnia, Indica is the only way to get to the land of dreams.

Indica can be a great choice for marijuana patients. It will make you want to chill the rest of the day, just lying on a couch and taking it easy. The main feature of Indica is its “resting” encouragement, so patients can find it as a strain full of great medical value. Besides, Indica is used for pain relief and it increases appetite, which is extremely important for people having chemotherapy procedures.

An equally important difference between Sativa and Indica is the length of the growth cycle. Indica takes less time to grow, which makes it the best plant for patients as it can be grown at home for any need.

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