Indica or Sativa: What to Choose?

Indica or Sativa: What to Choose?

Welcome to the world of cannabis! We have prepared for you a simple guide to help you understand how to easily differentiate indicas from sativas. They both have a unique shape, size, effects, and growing features. By the way, the crossing of these two species creates a special  type of cannabis plants called hybrids. So, let us look at each type of marijuana more carefully.


Sativa plants are widely known for their medical properties, that is why many patients use them in order to treat different psychological problems, like stress, anxiety, and depression. Sativas are also great painkillers and stimulants. The best time to use sativas is daytime as they provide quite strong uplifting effects that will not let you fall asleep or feel exhausted. Some people say that it works even better than a cup of coffee in the morning. The smokers of recreational marijuana claim that the only reason they like sativas is their ability to bring a head high that gives a perfect energy charge, lots of creativity, and relaxation at the same time.


What is indica? Indica is an absolutely different type of cannabis due to the stony high that it brings to its users. You will be literally couch-locked after inhaling this plant, which is why we recommend you to consume indicas before you go to sleep. Trust us, you will feel like you have not slept so deeply since childhood. However, indicas and sativas have something in common. Indica strains are also used in medicine as they help treat insomnia, kill pain, and relieve seizures. Recreational indica users take it to get a pleasant body buzz and the feeling of calm.


For some smokers, sativas seem too energetic and indicas—too relaxing, that is why they prefer hybrids. Hybrid strains contain the combination of both indicas and sativas, that is why many marijuana enthusiasts call them the best form of cannabis in the world. Just imagine that you have a strain with the effects and medical properties of both indicas and sativas. Sounds unbelievable, right? You should try it to see for yourself that it can be real.

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