Indica and Sativa: Is There Any Difference?

Indica and Sativa: Is There Any Difference?

Marijuana has a very long history of cultivation that takes its origins thousands of years back, so it is not a surprise that the plant has more than one variation. Nowadays, it is believed that cannabis has two different sorts — Indica and Sativa.

There are many questions that a person who starts consuming marijuana wants to ask. They want to know whether it is useful or not, if it is dangerous or not even close to it, what kind of diseases they could cure by taking it, and so on and so forth. But one of the questions that will unavoidably pop up is how to tell apart these two widespread sorts of cannabis: Sativa and Indica. They are from the same species, have a quite similar look, but there is a lot of different characteristics thoroughly hidden from the untrained eye. These distinctions touch upon both appearance and effects that cannabis has on the body of the consumer—therefore, it is natural that smokers have to make an effort and learn how to tell them apart. This skill will definitely protect their health.

The First Thing to Pay Your Attention to: Appearance

The easiest way to distinguish these two sorts is based on their appearance or the facet described by scientists as a morphological one. The first criterion is, obviously, the size of the plant. Sativa is tall (it actually goes beyond 25 feet!) and thin—that is why it is often planted outside, while Indica is much shorter and wider. If you do not have the opportunity to see the whole plant and still want to know for sure which sort of cannabis is represented, try to look at their second difference—their leaves: they will show there is a huge distinction. For instance, Sativa has thin and long leaves, while Indica can be recognized by its large wide leaves.

Indica’s and Sativa’s Effects

The main thing in marijuana is not what it looks like—the more important thing is what it causes us to feel. We have to be aware that Indica works as a painkiller, with a slight sedative effect while Sativa works in an absolutely opposite way—its influence on our body is similar to a cup of strong coffee or a bottle of an energizing beverage. Indica calms us down, relaxes the muscles, removes anxiety, negative thoughts, and bad mood while Sativa tends to stimulate the whole complex of our body’s systems, revealing blocked energy, boosting creativity, helping to fight static depressive conditions.

So, remember about the differences mentioned above when you choose the most suitable cannabis considering your health condition, mood, and the time you are going to take cannabis: it is better to apply Sativa at daytime, keeping Indica for relaxing night sessions.

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