Indica and Sativa Edibles: Do They Have the Same Effects?

Indica and Sativa Edibles: Do They Have the Same Effects?

What can be more interesting than comparing different weed strains and noticing the most amazing effects they have to offer, from the relaxation indica weed provides to the strong energy charge from sativas. But when marijuana enthusiasts stand in front of sativa and indica edibles at the local dispensaries, they usually wonder whether these edibles are really different or this distinction exists only in their perception of indica and sativa. To tell the truth, there is no straightforward yes or no answer, as there are a lot of factors that shape our weed edibles experience.

What makes sativas and indicas so different?

There is a widespread consensus among marijuana consumers that sativa strains have uplifting effects while indicas are more sedative. Such classification of weed strains has been challenged by many taxonomists, but still many feel that strict line between the two. So what makes our perception so different? Cannabis contains 150 molecules that interact with our body during the smoking experience. THC causes the high feelings, CBN acts as a great analgesic, CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent, THCV raises or lowers the feeling of paranoia depending on the dosage. It is the pure alchemy of any cannabis plant. Another factor that makes us differentiate indicas and sativas are terpenes, the aromatic oils that we smell. Terpenes also have an influence on THC and other components of cannabis. Whether it is the matter of terpenes, cannabinoids, or the combination of both, the next thing to be examined is whether baking captures those nuances.

Sativa and indica edibles: do they affect differently?

If you look at any label with cannabis, you will not find any information about the effects it produces. Just simple identification of the plant type: “indica” or “sativa”. A lot of experiments show that consumers who did not know what they ingested made wrong conclusions about the cannabis type. More than that, there is no strain that influences different people in the same way.

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