Indica and Sativa: Difference Guide

Indica and Sativa: Difference Guide

From the scientific point of view, there is no difference between cannabis plants, as they all are known as Cannabis sativa L. But in practice, smokers notice the obvious difference between them. And it is not only about the sativa and indica effects but also size, origin, and many other indicators. Generally, this difference is explained by the ability of cannabis to adapt to various environments. Now, let us dive into the world of weed more deeply and find out how to tell apart these two forms of the plant.

Origin of indica and sativa

It is known that the majority of indica strains come from Central Asia and such countries as Afghanistan, Nepal, northern India, and other states on the Indian subcontinent. Sativas originate mostly in the equatorial regions, like Thailand, Mexico, and so on.

Physical appearance of cannabis types

Indica plants are stocky and have dense, heavy buds. More than that, the spaces between clusters of the plant are relatively small. In comparison, sativas grow bigger than indicas and have larger buds. However, they have a smaller weight due to the lower density.

Flowering time: is it the same?

Indicas are in such great demand among weed growers exactly due to their short flowering period, which takes from 45 to 60 days. Sativas can be easily distinguished from indicas just by looking at the amount of time the plant needs to flower. Sativas need from 60 to 90 days, which makes them the second choice for successful growers.

Size of indicas and sativas

As soon as indicas start to flower, their growth becomes quite intense, so you need to control them to avoid growing out. When dealing with tropical regions, where days last only for 12 hours, it is important to remember that sativas adapt to such conditions and can combine growing and flowering in one period, unlike indicas, which need these phases to be separated. So, for sativas, it is absolutely normal to get a 200-300% of height during the flowering period.


The indica effect is classified as a “stone,” which means that it is more body-oriented. Indicas usually bring mental and physical relaxation. Sativas, in contrast to indicas, have a cerebral, energetic, and giggly effect. Besides, sativas will never send you to sleep.

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