Hydroponic Grow Boxes: Growing Marijuana Indoors

Hydroponic Grow Boxes: Growing Marijuana Indoors

Many marijuana enthusiasts are convinced that growing weed indoors is a huge problem that can be solved only by professional growers. In fact, it is a simple task if you know everything about the process, from the marijuana strains and up to growing devices. Stop for a moment and imagine that there is such a great method of indoor weed growing that does not require soil, ventilation systems, different nutrients, and a lot of attention. Sounds unbelievable? Well, it does exist—a marijuana grow box.

Hydroponics vs. soil

If you are a newbie in growing weed and have never heard about hydroponics, do not panic. We will explain everything that confuses you. Well, hydroponics is a unique method of growing marijuana indoors that uses mineral nutrient solutions instead of soil. Many cannabis growers are still under the impression. Of course, you may use the old tested method with soil, but let us show you why the hydroponic system is much better than the classic way.


Many weed growers consider soil the easiest way to grow weed as it already contains all the necessary nutrients. However, this method has both pros and cons. Let us define them.


– it is a perfect method for beginners

– it saves water, so the method is environmentally responsible

– the taste of plants grown in soil is much greater than that of the hydroponically grown weed


– soil is a favorable environment for pathogens, mold spores, and parasite eggs

– there is a high possibility that your growing room will be a mess all the time

Hydroponic method

As we have mentioned before, the hydroponic growing boxes do not need soil for growing weed. The method supposes that the plants receive the necessary nutrients from the water full of simple inorganic ions that are dissolved in it. The method also has its pros and cons you should get acquainted with.


– the growers can control the nutrients the plants take in from the water. More than that, they can adjust the nutrients at any growing stage depending on the strain

– there are no pathogens in the water, so the risk to catch a disease is extremely small

– the method provides a greater yield

– plants grow faster than in the soil


– the method needs big investments many growers cannot afford

– requires a presence of growing experience and understanding of how it works

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