How You Should (and Should Not) Store Your Pot

How You Should (and Should Not) Store Your Pot

Do you remember your first stash of cannabis? You probably tossed it and put it in your desk or in the wardrobe. This is probably the most popular and traditional way to store weed among the «green» novice smokers. But after being in such storing conditions, your fresh fragrant buds will definitely look messy and unusable for smoking. It turns out that air temperature, humidity, the amount of light and, of course, the material of your storing option affects the quality of marijuana. So let us learn some lifehacks on how to save weed buds and prevent them from spoiling.

Forget about plastic

This material is one of the worst solutions for preserving your precious weed. The surface of plastic has a static charge that can damage tiny trichomes of marijuana. Long-term storing in plastic can even lead to the loss of psychoactive features of cannabinoids! So take all your pot out of the  medical and Kinder containers and throw them away.

Glass is always a good idea

Jars, cups, and even Petri dishes are perfect for weed. First of all, they are not charged like plastic. Secondly, glass does not tend to affect the taste of weed (for instance, metal can change the smell and taste of marijuana beyond recognition). And finally, protection from oxidization is also a pleasant bonus.

But do not forget about the shortcomings of glass containers. Unfortunately, they do not provide buds with protection from the UV radiation. Sunlight transforms THC to CBN, which means degradation of cannabinoids. In other words, after smoking weed that had been lying in the sun for a long time, you will feel sleepy instead of high.

Foil and parchment—must-haves for every pot consumer

Remember the golden rules of all weed lovers: parchment is perfect for long-term storing and foil—for short-term. Parchment preserves weed from mechanical damage and sunlight without affecting its the taste.

Speaking about the good old foil, it is the best decision for those who buy weed in the morning and smoke it in the evening of that day. Foil protects gentle buds from air, light, and temperature changes. But on the other hand, wrapping your cannabis in this material can cause damage to trichomes.

If you do not forget these easy tricks, every smoking session will be the experience of a lifetime for you. Even the most expensive strain can disappoint you after hours of sitting in the fridge or in the sunlight. So, purchase some rolls of foil and parchment, get rid of plastic containers—and your buds will be thankful to you.

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