How to Weigh Weed Not Using a Scale

How to Weigh Weed Not Using a Scale

Have you ever thought about this? There are a lot of reasons why one would want to know how much weed is left in the stash, but not all reasons require you to measure the remains with a scale. Besides, you do not have a scale in your pocket all the time, do you? It goes without saying that using a scale is the best way to weigh weed, though there are a couple of tricks that will teach you how to weigh weed without a scale. You will surely like them just like many stoners already do.

Ruler and coin

Do you remember your school times and how you tried to balance a ruler on anything? Have you already guessed what we are going to talk about? If you take a ruler and balance a 1982 penny on it (you may also use later pennies), you can easily weigh your weed! Since 1982 pennies were released with the weight of 2.5 grams each, it means that you can weigh out 2.5 grams of weed at a time!


Do you have some string, a plastic hanger, and some extra time? If you do, you can easily make a great DIY scale in a matter of minutes. Find a U.S. nickel—you will use it as a counterweight as it conveniently weighs 5 grams. This is how you can do it:

– Cut off the hanger’s top with the help of scissors. Make a hole in the center.
– Make holes in both sides of the hanger, equal distances from the center.
– Take string and cut two equal pieces long enough to tie them to the sides of the hanger. Turn on your creativity and make little baskets for your weed. A wooden clothespin also works well.
– Cut another piece of string and tie it to the center of the hanger to balance the sides.
– Now attach the side pieces and hang it up! Time to try it!


Modern technologies are equipped with amazing applications, and a scale is not an exception. Only one move keeps you from weighing weed on a mega innovative scale—downloading the app that has a simple name “Weed Scale.” But you should know that this option is still on the stage of development, so do not trust it unconditionally.

Be careful and attentive with any method you choose.

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