How to Vape

How to Vape

Gosh, nowadays there are so many ways to consume marijuana that it is very easy to get confused. From edibles that come in absolutely different forms, like gummy bears and even chocolate, to ingestible oils, topicals, and THC tinctures—the list goes on and on. However, inhalation of cannabis is still the most popular form of weed consumption. And for many reasons, it is a better choice. Is vaping better than smoking? Let us answer that question.

Pros and cons of vaping marijuana

Many marijuana enthusiasts face the dilemma of whether to vape or to smoke. Of course, both methods have their pros and cons, but there are four reasons why vaping wins this competition and is a more compelling option of marijuana use.

Reason 1: Vaping has much more health benefits than smoking

It is not a secret that many studies are trying to link marijuana use to lung cancer, though it is still “in progress.” However, smoking is still considered a strong lung irritant. Having a cough after taking the first hit seems absolutely normal to many marijuana smokers. What they do not think about is that frequent smoking can lead to serious respiratory diseases. In contrast to smoking, vaping takes away 95 percent of carcinogens and other harmful substances, and you inhale vapor instead of smoke.

Reason 2: Vaping is more efficient

Both smoking and vaping bring you effects that start within a couple of seconds, but the difference is in the level of THC, which is almost lost when you smoke marijuana. Modern vaporizers work 25 percent more efficiently than joints. Some people argue that the effects of smoking are more intense and last longer, though we think that a perfect marijuana consuming experience is defined by the type and quality of the high it produces (see the next reason).

Reason 3: Vaping brings a purer high

Smoking usually produces a heavy body high that has specific consequences. In its turn, vaping produces a light high, so you will never feel couch-locked.

Reason 4: Vaping is a more discreet method

No doubt that this is the main reason vaping has become so popular. Since you are not burning the actual plant but use THC oil for vape instead, you do not have to worry about the strong smell of weed someone can notice. This makes vaping the least suspicious way of consuming weed.

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