How to Tell Parents You Like Consuming Marijuana

How to Tell Parents You Like Consuming Marijuana

Winter holidays are closer by the day, and that means that many of us will finally visit our families. Enough with studying and working, it is time to have some nice cozy evenings with our parents and talk about everything. Well, almost everything.

Let us be honest, not all of us, who love marijuana, can tell about this feeling to our parents. And this does not matter if you are a college teenager or a respectable professional, going out of the closet sometimes seems like something you simply cannot do.

It is good if your family lives in the Pacific Northwest, where cannabis is legal, and the majority of people understand the issue. But many of us have our families in more “conservative” areas of America, and some of us have very religious parents who seem to reject even a possibility of consuming drugs, even if the drug in question is medical marijuana. What can be done about this?

Just like with LGBT people planning a coming out, it is important to act only after careful consideration.


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