How to Stop Smoking Powdery Mildew, Cannabis Expert Advice

How to Stop Smoking Powdery Mildew, Cannabis Expert Advice

Smoking a joint of low-quality marijuana can not only spoil your expectations. Most importantly, it may cause you a lot of problems with your health. You might hear that you should be aware of the pesticides, but what about white powdery mildew on cannabis plants? Believe us, smoking that stuff is not fun at all.

What is the problem?

The powdery mildew is basically a fungal disease that easily spreads all over your garden if you are not careful enough. It can affect everything: from the fruit trees and bushes in the outside garden to your flower pots with marijuana plants that you keep inside on the windowsill.

If you use your own pot, it is better not to give a single chance to the powdery mildew and prevent the spread of the disease. In order to do that, you need to follow simple rules: use a lot of light, do not overwater your plants and give them enough space, so they do not touch each other. If you have noticed any symptoms on one of the plants (mostly they are fuzzy flour-like spots on the leaves), it is better to get rid of the whole plant immediately before it contaminates the others.

If you do not use your own marijuana, buy it only at the places with a high reputation. Infected cannabis with powdery mildew should not be consumed! It is good neither for smoking nor for adding to food.

It is almost impossible to see the difference between the infected and the healthy weed or hash since on the early stages of the disease the powdery mildew spots can be easily removed from the leaves by simply wiping them away with a cloth. So, you better not to buy weed if you have any doubts about its quality. Otherwise, the chances are high that you will smoke the powdery mildew along with your marijuana.

Find the solution

Cannabis that has been tested in a laboratory is the best choice for those who care about their health. Some dispensaries have their own labs but, unfortunately, it is only up to the dispensary itself to check the medical marijuana quality. Some of them check the plants only for pesticides while others find laboratory tests too expensive and prefer to rely on the growers.

On the other hand, if growing cannabis for personal use is legal in your area, the best option for you is to have your own garden. It will let you be one hundred percent sure that your plants are absolutely organic and have no fungi or pesticides in them.

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