How to Smoke Weed Wax: Two Ways of Getting High

How to Smoke Weed Wax: Two Ways of Getting High

Weed has a large variety of forms: at least two types of hash (bubble and traditional), oil, and shatter. Pot fans can find and consume it in many different ways: smoking, ingesting, vaporizing, chewing, and sniffing. But the mentioned lists of forms and uses is not complete. One more way of getting high has been recently discovered—it is the good old smoking but with tapping into a new form of pot that has recently declared itself on the market and is called “weed wax.” How is it made and how are we supposed to use it? Let us explore this issue and provide you with some details.

Marijuana wax is also known as BHO (Butane Hash Oil). The name comes both from the way of preparation and the appearance of this substance: it is processed with butane and looks oily, thick, and resembles honey.

If you fortuitously find yourself holding a dose of marijuana wax, you have to know how to apply it to receive the desired effect. There are two methods of consuming pot wax—to make it happen you have to possess either a vaporizer or a bong. Some people prefer to put several dabs in their joints, but it is never considered to be a good idea—it is way more natural to smoke weed wax solo. To set fire to the dab in the bong, you will have to use a hot stoker or a blowtorch; if you use a vaporizer, the whole process can turn out even easier—the appliance will immediately transform the concentrated weed wax into a vapor that will easily pass through your lungs and fill your body with pure tetrahydrocannabinol.  

Wax is a very concentrated form of cannabis. That is why you should understand that when you buy a gram of wax, you will not have to come back to the store for a long time, as this portion will satisfy your needs for much longer than the weed buds usually do. But a smoker should not forget that weed wax is the kind of popular drug that will get you the highest you have ever gotten before. Consequently, it has a huge percentage of psychoactive compounds, and that, in its turn, cannot be healthy for your body to digest in large amounts.

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