How to Smoke Resin

How to Smoke Resin

The answer is dabbing. Dabbing has completely changed the way we consume cannabis. You do not need to grind and roll the weed anymore. More than that, now you can forget about the need to smoke the entire joint to get high. One hit of weed resin, and you will feel like the man with a perfect life. What is resin weed? Resin is a byproduct of smoking weed. If to be more exact, it is that stuff that sticks to the surface of your bong or pipe. To be honest, it is the unhealthiest way of consuming weed, but when difficult financial times come, you have nothing to choose from. To dab weed resin, you need to use a dab rig. What it is and how it works is explained below.

What is a dab rig?

A dab rig is a water bong or pipe that is usually equipped with a dome and a male end joint. However, any water pipe will also work great for dabbing weed; you just need to get a nail that will properly fit on it. You may find some bongs with percolators that filter and cool down the smoke before it gets into your throat and lungs. Well, this is not necessary when talking about dabbing as there are fewer toxic substances and tar created than there are when you smoke dry marijuana. Put if you would like, you can still use a percolator that will cool your hits.

How does a dab rig work?

Technically, when you dab weed, you do not smoke it. The main goal of dabbing is to vaporize the marijuana concentrates. All you need for that is a water pipe, a blow torch, a nail, a dab tool, and one of your favorite weed concentrates. There are two types of dabbing: low- and high- temperature.

High-temperature dabbing

Many stoners like this kind of dabbing for the feeling of rush it creates. However, other marijuana enthusiasts find it painful and harsh on their throats and lungs because of the really high temperature of the smoke.

Low-temperature dabbing

This type of dabbing is a bit more complex, but it is worth it. The flavor will be more intense, and the harshness will be less noticeable. If you have got such marijuana concentrates as wax, shatter, or weed resin, then do not waste their quality and get all the best from the low-temperature resin dabbing.

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