How to Roll and Smoke a Blunt?

How to Roll and Smoke a Blunt?

There are dozens of ways to use marijuana. A bong is a nice way to experience marijuana for the first time, but it may take lots of time to set it up. Plus, it can be too heavy-set to carry around. So, in order to save time and have the ability to smoke weed anywhere you want, choose the option of rolling an excellent blunt. Why not a joint? Well, joints are absolutely okay, but blunts provide a greater smoking experience, and as soon as you try one, you will understand what we mean. How to roll a blunt? It is mainly about the wrap that is used for placing weed inside and enhancing its delicious flavor. Never forget that choosing the proper kind of cigar is the key to your unbelievable experience. By the way, if you still think that a joint in the best option, then maybe the following fact will make you change your mind: comparing to a joint, a blunt contains much more weed, which means a quicker high and a longer effect.

Needed materials

– Cigar

– Lighter

– Index card

– Knife

– Coffee grinder

– Weed (any strain you prefer)

Step-by-step instruction

Step 1. You should prepare weed for rolling by grinding it. The best option is to use a coffee grinder as it will not leave separate pieces of weed that might tear the wrapping paper. Though, if you do not have it and no one can lend you some, then do it by hand—just start tearing the weed up. It will take more time and efforts, but it will still work. When using a grinder, make sure that it is set in a way that the weed comes out not too fine. You will not want to inhale the actual bits of burnt marijuana, will you?

Step 2. Take a cigar and carefully open it up using a knife. You can do it with your fingers, but the risk to tear the cigar is too high in this case. Be gentle while removing the tobacco; do not open the cigar too much to keep its curved shape. Then put your ground weed inside. The process can be easier if you use an index card.

Step 3. After you have filled the cigar with the necessary amount of marijuana, it is time to roll it up. Tuck one end of the cigar wrap tightly around the marijuana. Lick the other one and roll firmly. Run the lighter below the cigar to seal it off. Your blunt is done, enjoy!

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