How to Roll a Perfect Cone Joint

How to Roll a Perfect Cone Joint

If you have never tried to smoke this type of joint but have a great desire to do it, you have come to the right place. Here are simple instructions for you to receive enough skills to become a pro. Be patient as the process needs a bit of practice, especially if you are a beginner. Remember that by the end of this “course,” you will be able to make a joint weed lovers will envy.

Prepare the materials

Here are the things for creating a cone joint: rolling paper, weed, and grinder. However, if you lack a grinder or do not want to ruin it, you may use your own hands or scissors. Take into account that to make your joint right, you should necessarily find a nice weed grinder. As for rolling paper, there is such a huge variety that satisfies different preferences that it is extremely easy to find yourself confused. The type of the herb you choose for your joint depends on what you expect to get from it, including the effects and health benefits.

Step 1. Grind your herb

This step is surely the simplest. To complete it perfectly, you need to buy a weed grinder of good quality. The best choice is the metal one as plastic grinders will do their job only a couple of times. Be careful and do not overgrind your weed. You need it to be quite thin to shape it easily but not in the powder consistency. Try to receive pulp.

Step 2. Filter

The first technical part of the process is making the filter for your joint. The main aim of it is to add structure to the cone joint. Take a piece of thin cardboard, fold a tiny letter “M” into the card and roll the rest of the cardboard over the “M” so that you have the letter “M” in the circle. Such construction will provide enough space for air to flow through the filter.

Step 3. Assembling

The rolling paper must have a sticky strip. Put the paper so that it faces up and away from you. Put the filter at one end of the cone joint and herb on the other. Spread it so that the joint is thinner near the filter and thicker at the other end.

Step 4. Roll

With the help of your thumbs and index finger, roll the cone joint. Roll it at a slight angle so that the filter faces down in order to make a cone shape. Use saliva to close the joint.

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