How to reduce the negative side effects of weed

How to reduce the negative side effects of weed

We want you to keep a healthy attitude to your body and to your way of life. Cannabis can help you and give you joy, but it can also damage your health with its side-effects. Do the advantages outweigh the risks? Have you ever experienced some kind of a negative effect of weed?

Pick safer smoking tools

Many kinds of allergies can be reduced by changing your smoking tool for a safer one. Of course, joints are simple to make and consume, but if you want to mitigate marijuana’s effect on your health you should avoid them. You should also avoid blunts and screen pipes. Better try water-based dab rigs, bongs, or bubblers. And if you want to keep your lungs healthy, then you should definitely try convection vaporizers, they would be the best choice, that is for sure.

Balance your strains

Consuming some high-THC strains may cause psychological side effects. You may feel paranoid or over-anxious. But you can avoid it by adding a little CBD. Find a balance in weed strains that comforts you. Luckily, we have a wide choice of well-balanced strains and one or a few of them will definitely work in harmony with your body. You may choose, for example, Shark Shock, Harlequin, or One to One strain.

Take a weed tolerance break

It is also known as a “T-break”. The thing is, once you become a regular consumer, you body gets tolerant to the effects of cannabinoids and slows down the production of endocannabinoids. Practically, it means that the joy from your joint is not as bright as before. Therefore, you need a small break, just a few days or a week.

There are several studies that show that moderate smoking can give you some concrete benefits. One joint a day for several years can keep your lungs healthy. Up to five joints a week makes you smarter and your IQ can go higher than average. But unfortunately, if you smoke more often, it can have a converse effect.

Practice deep breathing

Your lungs need some exercise, just like all the muscles in your body. The very best way to keep them clean and flexible is practicing deep breathing. Pay attention to the way you breathe. Most  people use only the upper half of their lungs while all the toxins and carbon dioxide can stay untouched in the lower half of the organ. Try to focus on inhaling and exhaling slowly and fully. You can also practice some Yoga breaths or any breathing technique you can find on the Internet.

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