How to Pass a Hair Follicle Test

How to Pass a Hair Follicle Test

Drug testing is gaining more and more popularity with every decade due to the rapid growth of the number of illegal marijuana users. The fact that the appearance of such tests has not scared off new addicts made the doctors develop new more effective techniques of testing that have replaced the previous methods, like blood and urine drug tests. One of the modern techniques is a hair follicle drug test, and the crux of this article will revolve around one very important question: “How long do drugs stay in hair?”. It will also talk about how to pass the test and whether hair detox shampoo for drug test really works. The reason the follicle drug tests are more effective and frequently used is that hair has a great ability—to store traces of marijuana use for much longer than urine and even blood. The absence of privacy issues during sample taking make it extremely hard for marijuana users to cheat on this kind of test.

Can you pass the hair follicle drug test?

Hair tests can show drug use for three months after the last time of marijuana consumption. This period is amazingly huge, and it puts the occasional marijuana users in the same boat with the frequent ones. The accuracy rate of a drug follicle test is equal to 99%, which leaves no hope for most weed lovers. Luckily, there are a couple of methods that can help you beat this test.

Methods to pass the hair follicle drug test

The first method to pass the test successfully is to quit smoking marijuana and completely shave the entire body. However, we do not recommend you to use this method when the date of the test is near, as it will make you look suspicious. If you have no time to wait, there is another way you can use—full detoxing of the body. On today’s market, you may find such home cleaning products as Jerry G and Growman/Macujo, which use different chemicals to clean the body from THC metabolites. But, what about detox shampoos? Do they really work? Well, every individual reacts to detox shampoos differently, though many marijuana users who faced drug tests claim that detox shampoos were quite effective. The results of the drug test can change or ruin your future, so choosing the right technique should be taken seriously.

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