How to Pass a Drug Test in 2 Days

How to Pass a Drug Test in 2 Days

Many of us work hard to have a good job, a high salary, and a kind boss. But it sometimes happens so that one small change in law can turn all your life upside down and destroy your dreams. One of such “new rules” is that all employees must be subjected to drug testing, either urine or follicle. It is OK if your boss warned you about the test a month before, but what if you have only a couple of days to clean your system from drugs? Do not panic! We have looked through all the urine drug test facts to make a list of techniques that may help you detoxify your body.


This way is the simplest and the cheapest as it requires nothing but water. The method is called “flushing with water,” which means that all the drugs and toxins are literally flushed out of your system with usual water. The more water you consume before the test day, the more thoroughly you clean your urine from drug residues. If you have only two days before a test, you should drink not less than 64 ounces of water per day to avoid the end of your career. But be careful and do not drink too much water, or your urine will be so diluted that will cause suspicion, and you will be called for another drug test.


Rigorous exercise is another natural way to detoxify your body. During a workout, the metabolism in the body accelerates, which causes the breaking of fat cells and the release of THC through the sweat.

Weight-loss pills

If you prefer pills to working out, then there is another way to clean your body—weight-loss pills, like Niacin (commonly known as Vitamin B3). If you take pills like that two days before the drug test, the expansion of blood vessels will cause the boost of the detoxification process. Please note that this method might have side effects, like vomiting and liver damage.


Vinegar has an acidic nature, which means it can take all the toxins out of your system. Vinegar tastes awful, that is why many people add lime juice, cayenne pepper, or anything else they like in it. Drink the “vinegar mix” for two-three days before the urine drug test, and your pH levels will become absolutely normal.

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