How to obtain medical marijuana recommendations

How to obtain medical marijuana recommendations

Are you are currently living in one of the states where medical marijuana is legal and still looking how to become a medical cannabis patient? This article has useful tips to aid you in finding a doctor or a clinic that can help you to treat your disease with the help of medical cannabis.

1. Check out your state laws related to consuming medical cannabis

In every state conditions for consuming medical cannabis are different, somewhere they are strict and somewhere they are not. It’s very important to know the marijuana rules in your sate. Read all the concerning information especially the fine print. Some states allow consuming medical marijuana according to your physician’s recommendations. But it’s worth to know that each patient is treated individually and decision is taken on the basis of patient’s existing symptoms.

2. Get your health records

Contact your physician to get a health record related to your qualifying conditions. In order that doctor could prescribe marijuana treatment, you need to show him your health records at least for the last three months. Ask your attending physician to send it straight to the clinic where you are appointed. In any case it will save your time.

3. Search for the right doctor

Find a doctor in your town. Not all doctors are similar, so try to find out more about the doctor or clinic before you make an appointment. For example you can read some feedback of other people who were attending a clinic or a doctor you are going to attend.

4. Visit a doctor

After sending your appointment request, you will receive a confirmatory letter with the specific information regarding your appointment. Some clinics do not require any appointment procedure, so do not forget to bring your health record with you.

5. Get your medical cannabis recommendation

In each state there is a different medical marijuana certification form. In most states it is obligatory to take your certificate with you when visiting any dispensary, so keep your certificate in a good condition or laminate it. Every state requires medical marijuana consumers to renew their certificate every year or two.

6. Dispensaries

Once you did everything described above, just find some of the dispensaries nearby. Remember that any dispensary will have to verify your medical marijuana certificate and the clinic where it was issued. It can take some time before you can purchase medical strains of cannabis and other cannabis products.

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