How to Make Your First Pot Experience Incredible

How to Make Your First Pot Experience Incredible

Undoubtedly, you remember your first kiss or the very first day in college. These prominent events are imprinted in your memory forever. But how about smoking your first joint? For some of us, that was a big disappointment or even a failure, others recall this memory from their youth with a smile.

But if you are only planning to discover all benefits of cannabis for yourself, make sure that your first experience is not dangerous or awkward. These are five simple steps to create a great story for your offsprings about your first date with Mary Jane.

1. Do not hurry

First of all, choose your own pace of inhaling and exhaling. Some novice consumers try to imitate the smoking manner of experienced smokers, but it is a very big mistake. Enjoy the process slowly and do not hold the smoke in your lungs for a long time. Furthermore, it would be a brilliant idea to use small smoking devices for the first time. Easy homemade bongs or pipes (for example, one made of an apple or a glass bottle) will be perfect tools for getting acquainted with weed.

2. Add some H 2 O

Before exploring the pot world, double your average water intake. This trick can help you prevent such typical side effects as nausea, sickness, and sometimes even shortness of breath. Dehydration is the second worst enemy of a newcomer in the smoking world, after alcohol that is.

3. Go to bed on time

Fortunately, terrible hangover is not included in the list of shortcomings of weed. It is also extremely difficult to experience overdosing. But if you feel uncomfortable a bit, just wash your face with cold water and go to bed. In the morning, you will be fresh as a daisy.

4. Learn some theoretical fundamentals

Not to get into trouble, find out the difference between indica and sativa. These are two major groups of cannabis strains that can affect you in different ways: indica is sedative and relaxing, while sativa works as an energizer. Do not be lazy to ask Google about popular strains of marijuana and their effects.

5. Do not expect trips to the Stoned Age from the very first attempt

Many novice smokers are disappointed with their first joints, because they do not get what they expected. Maybe, the mood and environment were inappropriate, maybe they were given the wrong strain to try. But anyway, weed is not as dangerous as LCD, for instance. After experiments with mixtures and smoking devices, every pot consumer will find its own perfection.

As you can see, all preparations are even easier than those before the first date. Do not be nervous, find a good company, and enjoy smoking.

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