How to Make Weed Wax?

How to Make Weed Wax?

Today, cannabis is much stronger than it was before, in the time when our parents were growing up. In the 70’s, marijuana was all “dirt” and “brick.” It was so cheap that anyone could buy a couple of “bricks.” Our generation has an overwhelming amount of ways to consume marijuana, from smoking to ingesting and dabbing. Today we have skills to customize the strains—their texture, color, smell, effects. We can extract THC from the plant and make concentrates, like BHO, wax, shatter, and many others. Most of them still need to be studied more deeply. Thanks to the legalization of marijuana in American states, the industry finally has a place to grow and prosper. One of the concentrates has gained special attention. That is cannabis wax. What is it and how can you make it? Keep reading.

Marijuana wax: why is it so special?

Cannabis wax is a form of hash oil concentrate that is produced through the process of butane hash oil extraction. The reason marijuana wax is classified as a concentrate is the high level of THC in its content (sometimes it can reach 80%).

How to make cannabis wax?

As you already know, to make marijuana wax, you have to know at least something about butane extraction. First of all, you need to prepare a tube or a pipe. Fill it with the marijuana buds you like the most and pour the butane. You probably do not want to lose yourself in all that complicated technical science stuff thanks to which the butane bonds with THC and literally pulls it out from the buds. So let us skip the details. Then, the received substance is evaporated in order to get the oily mixture called butane hash oil. However, it is just half of the whole process. To make marijuana wax, you need to cook it a bit longer, though you have to be careful as butane extraction is an extremely dangerous process that may bring a lot of problems if performed incorrectly. First of all, butane belongs to highly flammable substances, and playing games with it is not an option. Secondly, you must be sure that the room you are cooking the marijuana wax in is perfectly ventilated as butane vapors can gather at low levels of the room where you will not notice them. Thirdly, do anything possible not to inhale the butane vapor in high quantities, it is extremely dangerous. We do not recommend making marijuana wax at home, you had better leave it to the experts.

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