How to Make Weed Strains Turn Purple?

How to Make Weed Strains Turn Purple?

You surely want your marijuana to be as attractive as the Purple Haze plant, do you not? Turning your marijuana plants purple will make them eye catching and festive. You want to grow not just a plant with medical properties but also a masterpiece that will make people fall in love with it? Of course, it is hard to resist the desire to try purple marijuana.

What makes purple marijuana strains so special?

In the past, the only purple weed strains that were available on the market were those grown outdoors and subjected to cold conditions. Today, special breeding programs are what makes marijuana strains purple. Cross breeding gains more and more popularity as purple-colored weed strains are more demanded than the traditional ones. If you want to make your cannabis purple, all you have to do is place weed outdoors in the coolest place. By the way, the cooler the place for cultivation is, the more purple your weed will be.

Why plants turn purple?

The reason is anthocyanins, the group of 400 water-soluble pigment molecules that react according to their to pH and change the color of the plant to red, purple, or blue.

Does purple color affect the plant?

Actually, there is no big difference in taste or effects of the purple cannabis. All the purple color has an influence on is the attractiveness of the plant. However, for some marijuana smokers, color does not matter at all.

What strains are purple?

The most popular purple weed that you may find on the market is Purple Kush indica strain with a THC level of about 22%. However, there are also a lot of other representatives of purple strains.

– Narco Purps Auto: a great strain for those who is crazy about colorful buds. For growers, it is the best strain to grow as it can provide yield as fast as in two months. The THC level of the strain is 16%.

– Purple Haze: a great strain to forget about stress and depression.

– Purple Skunk Mass: the cross of Monster Mass, Lavender, and Afghani. The strain will impress you with really fat, big purple buds.

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